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Towing Roadside Assistance Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance

We at Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance company prides itself on its long history of providing fast, efficient, and affordable auto repair, towing and roadside assistance services to the residents of Cedar Rapids, IOWA and its environs. We’re fully bonded and insured, and our staff consists of professional dispatchers, mechanics, and technicians, all of whom were trained to promptly and safely fix problems ranging from a simple jump-start to a heavy-duty tow. The word “impossible” does not exist in our lexicon, and that’s why thousands of drivers in Cedar Rapids and its environs call Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance for their Mobile auto repair, towing and roadside needs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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    CEDAR RAPIDS TOWING & Roadside Assistance

    Car Towing

    You'll enjoy the quick and convenient process of having your vehicle in the hands of Cedar Rapids Towing and Roadside Assistance

    Hail Damage

    Hail damage could mean dents and dings in your car's body, cracked or shattered glass, and even interior water damage. Allow Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance.

    Flood Insurance Coverage

    Flood insurance covers losses directly caused by flooding. No you dont need to worry when Cedar Rapids towing & Roadside Assistance is in your state.

    Unfornunate Accident

    It is very unfortunate to met with an accident but there is a service to help you with that. Call anytime to Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance.

    Engine Fire

    Got Fire! While driving is possible to get a fire at engine. Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance is always there for you.

    Motorcycle Towing

    Thinking about, how to carry your motorcycle to one place to another. Call us for an easy way with experienced people to serve you better.


    Fast Roadside Towing Cedar Rapids

    Our company is your number one choice for your towing needs, but in addition to that, we also provide mobile mechanic services. If you happen to find yourself stranded with a broken car anywhere in CEDAR RAPIDS, we can help you. We will send a licensed mechanic to whatever location you might be in. Then, they will promptly analyze the situation and tell you exactly what the problem is.
    The mobile mechanic services cover a wide range of problems. We can help you change your wipers, as well as thermostats and spark plugs. Whatever the problem may be, be sure that we can deal with it. Our mechanics also carry a substantial amount of replacement parts in their vans, so we can even provide you with replacement of faulty parts right on the spot.

    Mobile Mechanic CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA

    Towing Roadside Assistance Jumpstart Flat Tire Service

    Cedar Rapids Mobile Mechanic is your first and only needed call when looking for reliable mechanics in Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas. We know our stuff, we’re fast, we’re friendly, and most importantly, we’re HONEST and affordable. We’re proud to say that our mobile car repair service offers one of the best deals in and around the city. In fact, our mobile mechanics are often less expensive than the more traditional auto repair shops in Cedar Rapids, because we’re able to keep our overhead low which allows us to pass those savings onto you.
    Whether you need a scheduled car service, are broken down on the interstate, pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

    Auto Repairs In Cedar Rapids That Come To You

    If you’re suffering from a broken down vehicle at your home, office or in the middle of nowhere, then save yourself the worry and call our mobile automotive repair technicians and we’ll bring the workshop to you and get you moving again quickly and affordable. We’ve listed some of our most common mobile auto repair services below, but if the service you’re after isn’t listed, don’t worry. We cover car, truck, caravan and machinery repairs across the board, so give our friendly mobile auto mechanics a call to discuss what you need. We work on all makes and model from gas to diesel such as cars, trucks, and light machinery. If it’s got a motor, we can fix it. Best of all, our mobile mechanics come to you, wherever you are in the Cedar Rapids area. In addition to Cedar Rapids, our automotive mechanics also look after clients in surrounding cities up to 120 miles away.

    Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Cedar Rapids

    We should never judge a book only by its cover, and the same should be applied when you’re buying a used car. Even if the vehicle has low miles and no scratches, you shouldn’t buy it until you’ve had it thoroughly checked by Cedar Rapids Mobile Mechanic. We worked on a car last year where our unfortunate customer had purchased a car based on appearance and the sellers ‘honest truth.’ But within a few months, their car turned into a huge lawn ornament, requiring thousands of dollars in auto repairs.
    We strive to make pre-purchase car inspections as easy as possible for both the buyer and seller. Our mobile mechanics will come to your location and inspect the vehicle from top to bottom. Some of the things we’ll look for a find include:

    • Verify the current condition of the car
    • Any problems that may arise in the future
    • Body, frame, and engine condition
    • Previous repair work check

    As you the buyer, the outcome of your pre-purchase car inspection will help determine whether buying the vehicle is a good idea or not, and possibly saving you thousands of dollars in car repairs in the long run. Our Popular Roadside Assistance Services Will Get You Moving Again Quickly!

    Battery Replacement And Jump Starts Cedar Rapids

    One of the most common roadside assistance call outs is for car battery replacements and jump starts, but if you’re not a member then their call out fee can be outrageous! Here at Cedar Rapids Mobile Mechanic, we don’t charge a membership fee or sign-up fee to come to you, so give one of our emergency mechanics a call to save on roadside assistance fees. We can jump start your vehicle, or if the battery is beyond salvageable, we’ll install a new car battery and get you moving again.


    You opened the trunk looking for your car’s jack and, but it’s not there, don’t panic, take a deep breath, sit down and give one of our affordable mobile mechanics in Cedar Rapids a call. We both know it isn’t rocket science changing a tire, but under stressful and sometimes dangerous conditions, (like the side of highway at rush hour) it can prove to be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools. Our roadside mechanic will show up promptly and change your tire safely to get you and your vehicle back on the road in no time.

    Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?

    If your car has overheated, pull over in a safe place (i.e., not in the center lane of the highway) and turn the engine off. Now we don’t mean to rag on roadside assistance, and surely you can call them to help, but if you’re not a member, then you’re going to pay some serious money to have them show up. Or you could call a towing service in Cedar Rapids to get you towed to your nearest auto repair shop, but again that’s money for the towing company and more money for the auto repair mechanic. Instead of all that, give Cedar Rapids Mobile Mechanic a call.

    Towing & Roadside Assistance In Cedar Rapids, IOWA

    We offer an extensive range of towing & roadside assistance services provided by our reliable staff in Cedar Rapids. No incident is too small for us, we do it all and we make sure that what we do will be done the best way possible. our goal is to let the people of Cedar Rapids feel they have their back covered. Save our number and call us 24/7, we will be at your side.


    Getting into an accident is definitely not a pleasant experience. Add having to find a towing company when you’re still distraught from your predicament and you’re in for a dubious treat. Most people don’t take the time to find a decent towing company before they actually need one. However, in order to save yourself the trouble of having to find one when it’s least convenient, we’d recommend doing so.

    Towing Services In Cedar Rapids IOWA

    Every day, Cedar Rapids Towing services send out its fully bonded, licensed and insured drivers to stranded drivers in Cedar Rapids and its environs. 10 Cities within 30 miles of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Our tow trucks are equipped with the most advanced GPS and vehicle recovery technology, allowing our drivers to get to you in the shortest time possible. Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day.

    Professional Towing Company in CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa

    Let’s Ask questions

    The best way to find a good towing company is asking a question. You should ask your family and friends – some of them will probably have gained some experience when it comes to towing companies. Next, try contacting the companies recommended to you and learn what you can about them. Some of the more important issues are listed below.


    find out when you’re supposed to pay should you require their services. Some companies charge upfront while some collect their fees through your insurance company.

    Distance and means of towing

    ask the towing company’s representative how far will they be able to tow your car? Will there be an extra charge for crossing state lines? What means of towing ..

    Insurance assistance

    some towing companies offer additional assistance regarding insurance paperwork. This can come in quite handy in saving you both time and trouble. More information and know.


    find out if they can handle all towing needs and situations. Some towing companies can’t provide all towing solutions and you should be aware of that prior to selecting your towing.

    Availability and response time

    Try choosing a company that’s available 24/7. This way, even if you get stuck in the middle of the night you know that there’s someone coming to the rescue.

    Certified Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance Services

    Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance knows what it’s like to be stuck on the side of the road. It can be exasperating and frightening all at the same time. When your vehicle suffers from one mechanical failure or another such as an overheating engine or a flat tire, leaving you stranded, that’s when you need timely roadside assistance from us. Our tow truck drivers are able to provide you with the help you need, and if for any reason they’re not able to repair your vehicle’s problem then and there, we have the resources to get your vehicle towed to a place where it can be fixed.

    We provide the following Auto assistance services:

    • 24 hour roadside assistance
    • Fix flat tire
    • Ignition key removal
    • Auto mechanic services
    • Tow vehicles (truck tow, car tow, motorcycle tow)
    • Jump Start
    • Car replacement battery
    • Out of Gas Refuel

    We know that breakdowns are difficult and inconvenient, so our considerate, professional technicians will be there to help, day or night. In fact, Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance customer service representatives and technicians are ready 24 hours a day to provide instant care. Moreover, our trained drivers make quick and accurate appraisals of your vehicle’s damage once they arrive on the scene. Essential repairs are made, and you save money on fees associated with towing and garage storage.

    Our Long Distance Towing Services – Done by Professionals

    Are you tired of waiting around all day for a towing? Cedar Rapids Towing & Roadside Assistance totally sympathizes with you. Our motto is always to arrive on time, and believe us, timing is everything! All you need to give us is a time deadline and a destination, we’ll take care of the rest. Contacting a trustworthy towing company has never been this easy before. We truly take the burden out of the long distance towing trips. If you need a towing across the city or across the state of IOWA, just give us a call and we’ll pencil you in for a convenient time and date!